Nancy Mac Granaky-Quaye: Beento
Nancy Mac Granaky-Quaye: Beento

Daniel Rakete Siegel: Ein Fall für KBBG
Daniel Rakete Siegel: Ein Fall für KBBG

Gerriet K. Sharma: Das Meer (live)
Gerriet K. Sharma: Das Meer (live mit Sprecher Simon Roden)

Reto Caffi: Auf der Strecke
Reto Caffi: Auf der Strecke

Sabine Bernardi: transfamily
Sabine Bernardi: transfamily

new talents: movie programm 2008

new talents 2008 - the ”junge biennale köln” presents selected movies of the ifs internationale filmschule köln as well as of the Kunsthochschule für Medien. Graduates in the areas of script, direction, production and sound design present themselves and their work in the frame of the new talents movie program.
A manyfold program consisting of scenic readings, radio plays, and open-air movie presentations on a floating screen at different locations of the new metamorphosed Rheinauhafen of Cologne is presented.
The movies and the persons behind them are presented on Saturday and Sunday, 16th/17th August 2008, as well as in the frame of the long night of short movies on Thursday, 21st August 2008. Additionally selected graduates will give an insight view of their debut movies in the KAP Forum on Friday, 22nd August 2008.

Saturday, 16th August 2008

BAY Open-Air-Cinema

21.00h Das Meer, radio play, Gerriet K. Sharma (KHM) & Gunther Geltinger (KHM)
21.45h Auf der Strecke, movie, Reto Caffi (KHM)
22.30h Der Verdacht, movie, Felix Hassenfratz (ifs)

Sunday, 17th August 2008

BAY Open-Air-Cinema

21.00h Musketiere, scenic reading, Clemente Fernandez-Gil (ifs)
21.45h Ich will dich - Begegnungen mit Hilde Domin, documentary, Anna Ditges (KHM)

Thursday, 21st August 2008: Long night of short movies

BAY Open-Air-Cinema

21.45h Ein Fall für KBBG, movie, Daniel Rakete Siegel & Katrin Hohendahl(ifs)
22.30h Absolution, movie, Markus Sehr (ifs)
23.00h Beento, movie, Nancy Mac Granaky-Quaye (ifs)
23.40h Grenze, movie, Christine Wernke (ifs)
0.30h Die letzte Saison, movie, Tina von Traben (ifs)

Friday, 22nd August 2008: Script & Direction - debut movie preparation

KAP Forum

21.00h Gunther Geltinger (KHM) reads „MENSCH ENGEL“ in cooperation with the Literaturhaus Köln
21.45h transfamily, documentary, Sabine Bernardi (ifs)
Gay Romeos, movie debut project, Sabine Bernardi
22.30h Amor Fati, movie, Dennis Todorovic & Melanie Andernach (ifs)
Sascha, movie debut project, Dennis Todorovic
Die Dinge zwischen uns, movie debut project, Melanie Andernach
23.00h Robin, movie, Hanno Olderdissen (ifs)
Affenfelsen, movie debut project, Hanno Olderdissen

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