Tom Bieling, Ole Heydekamp, Thomas Klotsche, Tobias Zelmer

„talking towers”, 2008
Interaktive Videoprojektion

Die Besucher beeinflussen durch Handlung die Abläufe auf einer Videoprojektion. Ein Wechselspiel aus Aktion und Reaktion zwischen der realen und der virtuellen Person, sowie zwischen den realen und virtuellen Personen untereinander.

Bitte beachten Sie auch die Homepage des Projektes „talking towers”, talkingtowers.wordpress.com


Tom Bieling

Dipl.-Des. (FH) Tom Bieling studied Design in Cologne (KISD) and Curitiba (UFPR, Brasil). In his work he focuses on cultural practices especially by means of (body-) language, signs, social dynamics, as well as perception of image and behaviour of reading. Furthermore he has been researching about the impact and relevance of demographic and socio-cultural categories on form and practice of design (process), as well as its effects on usage and practical use of design within these categories.

He is currently working as a designer and design research scientist (Ph.D. candidate) at the Deutsche Telekom Laboratories in Berlin. He is also founding member of the DRNetwork (Design Research Network). In autumn 2008 his book „gender puppets” will be published.


Ole Heydekamp

Dipl. Des. (FH) Ole Heydekamp studied Design at the Köln International School of Design in Cologne and the Universidade Federal do Paraná in Brasil. He graduated in 2007 and founded the Designstudio ZelmerHeydekamp together with Tobias Zelmer. In his work he focuses on the expression of fashion and human machine interaction. Since 2008 he has been working for Deutsche Telekom in the areas of interface and visual design. In cooperation with Tobias Zelmer he also runs the fashion label LeQoupClothing.


Thomas Klotsche

Dipl.-Des. (FH) Thomas Klotsche studied design at the KISD in Cologne, after having graduated his apprenticeship as the best all over the nation and after having graduated a qualification at the academy for design.

His work focuses upon the area of product and industrial design, but on the basis of his interdisciplinary study he reveals his skills in many other design subjects. Design doesn’t only mean to him to style products, but particularly to consider multifaceted using circumstances.

He started his business career as a freelancer while still a student. Today he works as a self-employed designer, amongst others for clients as Gothaer insurance or Deutsche Telekom.


Tobias Zelmer

Dipl. Des. (FH) Tobias Zelmer studied Design at the Köln International School of Design and the Universidade Federal do Paraná in Curitiba in Brasil. After having graduated in 2007 he founded the design studio ZelmerHeydekamp together with Ole Heydekamp in Cologne. In 2008 both partners established the fashion label LeQoupClothing focussing on the t-shirt phenomenon and its function as a medium of communication and expression.

Since 2008 he has been working for Deutsche Telekom in the area of graphic design for communication and information technologies as well as visual design.


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