Daniel Rakete Siegel & Katrin Hohendahl

„Ein Fall für KBBG”, 2007

„Ein Fall für KBBG”

Earlier is yesterday and today is tomorrow…
and we behave differently than yesterday
and much differently than earlier. Do you get it...?

Have you ever wondered what actually happened to our most beloved audiocassette play heroes when they come of age? I'm dreadfully sorry to say that they are no wiser but they remain teenagers simply trapped in adult bodies.


Daniel Rakete Siegel

2004 to 2007 studies of film directing at the ifs internationale filmschule köln (Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Filmdirecting) | Since 2008 postgraduate studies at the KHM Köln (Academy of Media Arts, Cologne)

Filmography Direction (Selection)

2002 minus zwei / minus two (Fiction) | 2004 QUEERBEET (Commercial) | Was bleibt ist Schönheit / Beauty Remains (Documentary) | 2006 LAUT WERDEN! / GET LOUD! (Fiction) | DER UNBEKANNTE / THE UNKNOWN (Fiction) | Scheren Baden Nachtrimmen / Shear Bath Trim (Documentary) | 2007 Europäische Werte: Kinderleicht / European Values: A Child's Play (Commercial / Bundes Presse- und Informationsamt der Bundesregierung) | Ein Fall für KBBG / A case for KBBG (Fiction/ funded by the Filmstiftung NRW) | Telekom: FREECLIMBING (Commercial) | 2008 A-HOCH3: JABHOOK (AT) (Cross Media Project for the internet)

Katrin Hohendahl

*1981 Mülheim a.d.Ruhr | 2001 internships Sony Pictures (drama department), AZ Media (journalistic investigation) and RTL (editorial department EXTRA) | 2002 editorial traineeship AZ Media TV | 2003 employee AZ Media TV | 2004 studies „Kreativ Produzieren“ (film production) ifs, Cologne | 2005 „Reflections“ cooperation between Andrej Wajda Filmschool, Warschau and ifs, Cologne | 2006 Berlinale Talent Campus | Bachelor of Arts 2007 | Since 2008 freelance producer amongst others busse & halberschmidt Filmproduktion OHG Contact: katrinhohendahl@gmx.de

Filmography Production

2005 | Schichtwechsel (documentary) also director and script, 2002-2004 several magazine pieces and reports 2006 | Querfeldein (feature film) | Heimkehrer (feature film) | Hertzton (feature film) | Karin ist Inge ist Rose (documentary) also director and script 2007 | Die Meisterdiebe (Bertelsmann Buchtrailer) | Robin (feature film) | Ein Fall für KBBG (feature film) coproduction

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