Nancy Mac Granaky-Quaye
24 Min.

Tanja Bogo

The Program

Within the whole area of the Rheinauhafen, where numerous companies of the creative economy are located, the visitor can discover new opportunities of artistic presentation and communication along the boulevards, passages and rooms.
Apart from the indoor exhibitions there are several accompanying events as the programm on stage, long movie nights, live performances, as well as symposia and discussions.

For the area „movie” a manyfold program, located at different sites at the Rheinauhafen, consisting of scenic readings, long film nights, radio plays, and open-air movie presentations on a floating screen has been developed.

The graduates of the Musikhochschule Köln present a diverse music program on the big stage as well as at indoor locations ranging from classical music to electronic avantgarde.

For more information about the accompanying events please choose the corresponding rubric on our website. A detailed program will be available for download soon.