Dennis Todorovic & Melanie Andernach

„Amor Fati”, 2005

„Amor Fati”

After the death of his young bride, Nenad (Branko Tomovic) travels to Montenegro with his father-in-law (Pedja Bjelac) to her funeral and faces a different approach to life, a world where fate weighs more than guilt.

„Amor Fati” is a parable about the culture clash, about the harsh contrast between the Balkan`s approach to life of surrendering to fate and living in the moment and the western, responsible way of thinking, with it’s tendency to assign guilt. A conflict for which there cannot be a simple resolution. Telling a story about it, however, was a step into the right direction.

Dennis Todorovic


*1977 | 1998-1999 Directing Diploma ARTTS Int., UK | 1999- 2002 film productions in Prague, CZ | 2002-2005 BA in film directing, ifs | 2007 Master Class EKRAN Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing | 2008 Berlinale Script Station, Talent Market


1999 | Richard Schieber Stiftung | 2002-2004 Förderverein, ifs | 2008 Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg

Filmography (Selection)

1998-1999 Call, writer, director, short film | Coda, co-writer, short radio play | Minutes of Life, director, short film | 2002 - 2005 Zweiter Frühling, director, short film | Kiste!, writer, co-director, social spot | Jenny und Klaus, director, short film | since 2003 Ludmila, writer-director, producer | documentary, work in progress | 2005 Amor Fati, co-writer, director | short film, arte and PBS USA | 2006 Kick it like Zombies, director, short film, WDR | since 2006 Amselfeld, director, feature film | since 2007 Sascha (W. T.), writer, director, feature film

Melanie Andernach


*1974 | 1994-1999 Studies in Law, Bonn | 2000-2002 Doctorate in film rights, Munich, Paris | Lecturer for copyright, Academy of arts, Munich | 2002-2005 Studies in film production, ifs | 2007 Launch of MADE IN GERMANY film production company | 2008 European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs (EAVE) | Participation in Rotterdam Lab Cinemart, and Paris Project


2000-2002 German Research Foundation (DFG) | 2003-2005 Förderverein, ifs | 2007 AV Gründerzentrum

Filmography (Selection)

2005 Stillleben, producer, co-author | first night, International Film Festival Rotterdam | Amor Fati, producer, co-author | International Film Festival Locarno | 2007 KADO, co-director and co-author with A. Köhler, TV production | 2008 A Triangle Dialogue, documentary, German-Polish-Israeli co-production | Die Dinge zwischen uns | first night, Berlin International Film Festival, award for best actress, Madrid International Film Festival

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