Hanno Olderdissen und Katrin Hohendahl

„ROBIN”, 2007
short film, 20. Min.


8-year-old Robin comes back into his family after 3 months in a foster home and finds himself lost, trying to cope with a very difficult family situation. When his parents accidentally hurt his new born baby sister in a quarrel, his stepfather disappears and the mother is in shock, lying around on the sofa. Robin has to deal with the situation on his own. Torn apart between the urge to help his crying sister and his loyalty towards his mother, Robin is forced to make a very difficult decision.

The graduation work of Hohendahl (Producer) and Olderdissen (Director) „Robin“ had its debut at the International Film Festival in Berlin in 2008. Since then the work received a range of prizes.

Hanno Olderdissen (Regie)


*1976 in Bielefeld | 1998 studied Filmstudies at the FU Berlin | Since 1999 work experience as a freelancer in the German film industry as an assistant dolly grip, location manager and 1.AD | 2004-2007 studied Film Directing at ifs internationale filmschule köln | Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Film | 2008 founding of the directors duo „gentlemen’s agreement”


Filmography (Direction)

2007 Robin [Shortfilm / 20 Min. / S16mm] W: C. Fernandez-Gil, P: K. Hohendahl

2006 Crosscountry [Shortfilm / 23 Min. / Digi-Beta SX] W: C. Fernandez-Gil, P: K. Hohendahl | Frido [Documentary / 15 Min. / DV] | Comfort Zone [Shortfilm / 8 Min. / S16mm] W: Y.-M. Kuen, P: M. Krämer, M. Schwitzner

2004 Tame as a lamb [Shortfilm / 12 Min. / DV] W: U.-S. Schmitz, P: G.-P. Ringel

Katrin Hohendahl


*1981 Mülheim a.d.Ruhr | 2001 internships Sony Pictures (drama department), AZ Media (journalistic investigation) and RTL (editorial department EXTRA) | 2002 editorial traineeship AZ Media TV | 2003 employee AZ Media TV | 2004 studies „Kreativ Produzieren“ (film production) ifs, Cologne | 2005 „Reflections“ cooperation between Andrej Wajda Filmschool, Warschau and ifs, Cologne | 2006 Berlinale Talent Campus | Bachelor of Arts 2007 | Since 2008 freelance producer amongst others busse & halberschmidt Filmproduktion OHG


Filmography (Production)

2005 | Schichtwechsel (documentary) also director and script, 2002-2004 several magazine pieces and reports

2006 | Querfeldein (feature film) | Heimkehrer (feature film) | Hertzton (feature film) | Karin ist Inge ist Rose (documentary) also director and script

2007 | Die Meisterdiebe (Bertelsmann book trailer) | Robin (feature film) | Ein Fall für KBBG (feature film) coproduction

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