Charlotte Desaga

„Letters to no one”, 2008
1 - channel video installation, 2:44 Min., Sound, black painted room, digital picture frame

A personal note for someone – a letter that has never been sent. Everybody has one somewhere. Hidden away, partially finished and almost forgotten. There are several possibilities to deal with those kind of texts:

First of all: You really send it away. The wait for a reply seems almost an eternity. It may be a complete success or could dash all your hopes.
Second: The letter does not have to be sent. The process of writing itself says so much about the addressee, that the writer of the letter is able to work things out on his own. Transparency, clarity and insight arise from its very writing. The answer found, the subject – no longer begs the question. In the same way this kind of letter turns up, it consequently disappears and is then lost deep down inside our minds.
Third: Though probably an impossibility: The letter is addressed to nobody. Of these three alternatives this is the cruellest one, because it leaves our expectations and inner longings unanswered. Hopelessness is not governed by the fear of confrontation or failure. In fact it is the assurance that all these possibilities are completely out of the question. No rumours, no music, no everyday occurrences can make the drama of our existence perceptible again. It is just not there.

An addressee never existed.

A disposable projection surface is left, addressable as the mood takes you. The words, written on the paper that was left blank originally, become of cursory importance – finally to stay out of reach again. The impossibility of the opponent relies on the repeating action, whose poetical gesture reveals an affectionate sense of humour. But maybe a bottomless abyss is lurking behind.


1977 Geboren in Wetzlar
Studium an der Kunsthochschule für Medien (KHM), Köln
Klasse Jetelova, Kunstakademie Düsseldorf (Gast)
2005 Diplom „Audio-visuelle Medien” (KHM) bei Jürgen Klauke
2006 Kunstraum BLAST, Köln (Gründungsmitglied)


2007 Friedrich Vordemberge-Stipendium, Stadt Köln
2005 Atelierstipendium vom Verein zur Förderung künstlerischer Projekte e.V., Wiesbaden Ausstellungsbeitrag für „Kunststudenten stellen aus”, Bundeskunsthalle Bonn

Solo Exhibitions

2005 „Freund oder Feind”, Bellevue-Saal, Wiesbaden
2006 „Ashes to ashes”, Galerie Rachel Haferkamp, Köln
„Das Ende der Nacht”, Kunstverein Viernheim
2008 „Fire”, KFA Gallery, Berlin (mit Jyrki Parantainen)

Group Exhibitions

2005 „Kunststudenten stellen aus”, Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle, Bonn
„24 h”, Radierverein, München
„KölnKunst”, Köln
2006 „heute/hier”, Kunstraum BLAST, Köln
2007 Galerie Ellen de Brujne Projects, Amsterdam, Netherlands
„Clash of Harmony”, Galerie Sejoul, Seoul, Korea
„Höhere Mächte”, BLAST zu Gast bei Montanaberlin, Berlin
„Happy End in Hell”, Gloriahalle, Düsseldorf
„DVD Project”, Proyecto Internacional de Videoarte, Madrid, Spain
2008 „Only You”, Kunstraum BLAST, Köln
„Clash of harmony”, ZKMax, München

Participants 2008 A-Z