Marco Siebertz

100 Cups - 100 variations of coffee cups

Anyone wishing to sport a modern image to go with the image of a modern city needs, besides an iPod and a mobile phone a “coffee to go” (...) But I would like to give a taste of the design - whether it is of a chair, a cordless screwdriver or a paper cup - that has an impact on men and the society they live in. (...) At the core of the exhibition are a hundred variations of the coffee cups that have passed through different processes of transformation to give them a new symbolism. The coffee cup could be diverted from its intended use, polemised, extrapolated, exaggerated, tuned, philosophised, criticised, experimented, optimised, painted black, copied - but above all it will be played!


Studies: 1998-2001 Project Manager PR & Corporate Events (Sony, Volkswagen etc), 2001-2006 Design studies at KISD, since 2005 Editor-in-Chief and Owner of „ROGER”, since 2007 Art Director and Brand Strategist at Deutsche Welle

Grants and Awards: Scholarship of the German Academic Foundation, 2006 Nomination for the Wilhelm-Braun-Feldweg foundation’s award for critical writing in design

Publications: 2003-2007 ROGER Design Magazine, since 2006 Designblog www.ROGER-LiVE.com, 2007 Essay in the book „Design Dictionary“ (Ed. Erlhoff und Marshall), 2007 KAP-Magazine, Cologne, 2008 Essay in the book „Designing Public “, since 2008 Süddeutsche Zeitung, Essays on design

Exhibitions: 2002 „Al Seu Servei!” Barcelona, 2003 Organisation Design Award „Cologne Thumper”, 2004 „Conjecture” First Draft Gallery Sydney/Australia, 2005 Instant – Art meets Design KISD Gallery Cologne

Outlook: Publish more issues of „ROGER” / Hold a lecture in Japan / Celebrate my daughters 1st birthday / Curate a design exhibition / Make them understand that design is more than pretty objects / And finally wonder what all happened since the 2008 new talents biennale...

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