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Felix Hassenfratz
Der Verdacht
25 Min.

Gerriet K. Sharma
Oh Knight In Shining Armour
Multikanal Klangkomposition für einen Portaldrehkran


Nowadays acting and thinking interdisciplinarily is more important than it ever was before. The combination of information, knowledge and basic approaches in different fields, meaning section-negating crossing of lines, helps gaining advantages and leads.

Due to their own appreciation for innovation as well as for acting and thinking in an interdisciplinary way, Lexus endows five prizes to the amount of € 4.000 for the Biennale new talents, being awarded to the groups of participants 2008. At this juncture suchlike artistic and creative works, presentations, demonstrations and basic approaches, basically instantiated in a section-negating way and unveiling working in an interdisciplinary manner, are to be prized.


The LEXUS AWARD NEW TALENTS – CROSSOVER intends to encourage young talents, coming from the five participating fields, to act and think in an interdisciplinary way.

A competent selection committee comprised of experts from diverse backgrounds will decide on the laureates that are to be awarded during the Biennale. This selection comittee will consist of:

Dr. Volker Adolphs, Ausstellungsleiter Kunstmuseum Bonn
Katja Baudin-Reneau, stellvertr. Dirketorin Museum Ludwig Köln
Horst Peter Koll, Chefredakteur film-dienst
Dr. Stefan Kraus, Direktor KOLUMBA Museum Köln
Manu Lange, Lange+Durach. Büro für Gestaltung